Kaarthikai Pori Urundai

Late post for day 5 of BM#5 by Srivalli. The whole of yesterday went in looking out of the window to use if the Electricity board personnel would turn up:-).A hot summer day in Chennai without electricity:-(........Well1 finally help did arrive by late night and i was too exhausted to post anything on my blog. So this goes in as my entry for day 5.

This is again done for Kaarthikai in my home.Kaarthikai pori urundai is otherwise called as Nel pori urundai


Kaarthikai pori/puffed rice 2 cup

Jaggery(powdered) 1 cup

coconut scrapping 1 tbsp

Water 1/4 cup

Cardamom powder 1 tsp


Clean the pori/puffed rice.Spread it on a plate.

Add the coconut and cardamom powder to this. Mix well.

Boil the jaggery syrup for hard ball consistency as shown here.

Pour this on the pori and mix well.

Allow it to cool a little.

Make into balls and shape well.

The procedure is same as shown here

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