Kadalai Urundai

Here i am ready to run the Blogging Marathon by srivalli for the second week. This week i shall stick to the theme "INDIAN SWEETS". So day 1 is Kadalai/ Groundnut urundai. We usually make this for Kaarthikai.


Roasted groundnuts 4 cups

Powdered jaggery 1 1/2 cup

Water Just enough to soak the jaggery

Cardamom powder 1 tsp


Roast the groundnuts well. Clean it .

Powder the jaggery.

In a pan take the jaggery and the water and boil it on medium heat. When the syrup starts to thicken , put some in a cup of water to test for the consistency.

It should be hard ball consistency. That means when the syrup is put in cool water it should form a ball just as shown. Should become hard when taken out of water

Pour this syrup on the roasted groundnuts and mix well

Apply little rice flour to your palms and take some and roll it between your palms.BE CAREFUL AS THIS IS GOING TO BE VERY HOT

Roll all the balls and keep it on a flat plate. If possible roll it in the plate again(shake the plate horizontally. It gives a good round shape to the balls...sort of sifting motion)

Lovely groundnut urundai ready!!!!!!!!!!

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