Broa - Portuguese corn bread

Another portuguese bread. When i read that this bread was the bread of the month of BBB i was sure to participate after my initial success with Masa sovada:-)
I bookmarked the recipe but couldnt bake it immediately as there was no corn meal at home:-(.waited for a week and then.....kneaded to glory!!!!!!!!

The original recipe is here

Boiling water 1 1/4 cup

Honey 1 1/2 tsp

White cornmeal, finely ground 1 1/4 CUP

Active dry yeast 1 TSP

Lukewarm water 1/2 cup

Whole wheat flour 1/2 cup

Unbleached all-purpose flour 2 1/2 cups

White corn flour 2 Tbsp

Sea salt 2 tsp

Corn flour, for dusting


1. Mix the cornmeal and honey into a large mixing bowl.
2. Pour in boiling water and stir well. Set aside to cool until just warm

3.In a bowl add the yeast to the luke warm water and set it aside so that it froths up

4 Mix the corn flour, wheat flour, all purpose flour, corn meal mixture and salt

5. Add the above to the yeast mixture and mix well into a soft dough

6Transfer to a floured board and knead till the dough becomes smooth and elastic,

7. cover it and let it rise for an hour or so( till it doubles)

8.Punch down the dough, knead softly, shape into small balls or the shape required,transfer them to a greased baking tray,

9.dust the bread with corn flour and cover it to rise again ( nearly 20 minutes)( i dusted only one round loaf)

10. Bake them in the middle rack at 450F in a preheated oven for nearly 30 minutes or till done

11. Cool them completely, slice and enjoy with a salsa!!!!!


BROA is very delicious with a little crunchy crust and a soft inside. The aroma while baking filled my whole house forcing SIMBA to sit nearn my ktchen waiting for the loaf to come out and WAITING FOR HIS SHARE!!!!!!!well he did get it:-)

We all loved this bread and I WILL BAKE THIS AGAIN

Thank you ELIZABETH for this wonderful recipe. Loved baking it:-)

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