I have seen this beautiful badge of BBB in THIS BLOG and as usual wanted to join it so that i could bake more:-). I wrote to TANNA asking her if i could join the party......she sent me a reply explaining how i could join them, a very kind, generous person. THANK YOU TANNA.

One look at her bread and i decided that i would definitely bake this bread though the name and the procedure was a little intimidating at the beginning.I started off with the recipe, but again had my own doubts as it called for bread flour and i do not get that here.Again TANNA to my rescue and explained as to what i could do.

The prodecure wasn't as difficult as i thought, came out well.

ISN'T THIS BEAUTIFUL................


A thumbs up from my daughter....:-).Usually she doesn't eat the commercial breads which we get here. Bread is very soft, spongy........love it

I am sure i will bake this again
Did you have a look at the step by step procedure at TANNA'S blog
WOW!!!! her bread looks awesome....experience i guess:-)

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