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Wondering what cultured butter is??????? well i wondered too when i read about this in a blog while blog hopping:-). From here i linked to this wonderful site called Forging Formage and learnt that making butter and cheese at home were not all that difficult:-)I remember when my mom would make butter at home.She used the malai collected over 15 days or so from the thick boiled milk, cultured it overnight and next day would beat it to form butter and then ultimately nutty flavored ghee.Now we use only low fat milk so not much of malai:-(But now i can prepare butter in a day!!!!!
The original recipe is here


2 cups fresh cream

1/6 cup yogurt

salt and seasonings to taste


Mix the cream and the curd in a clean glass bowl.

Cover it and let it for 12- 18 hours.

Once the mixture has cultured it will thicken slightly.Now cool it in the refrigerator for an hour or so

Prepare a bowl of ice cold water to clean the butter later

Now transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl and beat it at high speed till you see the stiff peaks , and then reduce the speed to low. Watch closely now, because now the cream mixture will break into butter and buttermilk.

Once the mixture breaks turn off the beater. Pour the buttermilk in a clean container to use later. It tastes very good.

Press the butter to remove any remaining buttermilk.

Pour the ice cold water on the butter to cover it and knead it under water . Disard the water. Repeat this thrice

Once is butter is cleaned thoroughly knead it. Add the required amount of salt .
Roll it into logs, cover it tightly with plastic wrap and freeze it for further use

I used butter and oregano seasoning into half the butter and the other half just kept it without salt.MY DAUGHTER LOVED THE OREGANO FLAVORED BUTTER.

She had it with PORTUGUESE BREAD.
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Thank you Forging Fromage!!!!!!

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