Microwave Choco-Date Fudge


I was scrolling my bookmarked recipes (which actually runs into pages:-) ) when i came across this Recipe from srivalli, i knew i had to cook this. Pretty easy one and definitely will be loved by my chocoholic daughter.
As i had surplus of seedless Dates, thought i could use them in this recipe too. Turned out pretty tasty too. I am sure i will cook this again.


Condensed Milk 1 tin(400 gms)

Butter 2 tbsp

Sugar 4 tsp

Cocoa 2 tbsp

Seedless Dates (cut finely) 1/4 cup

Combine the condensed milk and the cocoa in a Microwave safe bowl

Now add the sugar and butter and whisk thoroughly

Cook in the Microwave for 3 minutes in Micro high mode, stir it well and cook again for 1 more minute.

While stirring please be careful as the mixture is very hot.
Now add the cut dates and cook further for 2 more minutes

At the end of 6 minutes , the mixture looked like this.

I further cooked for 30 seconds.
The mixture will solidify and look a little crumbly
Now transfer the mixture to a greased plate. Let it cool down. Cut into squares.

Enjoy and indulge in your yummy creation:-)

I have cooked this for 6 1/2 MINUTES in MICRO HIGH MODE. Timing may differ for each machine. So please check the consistency after 4th minute onwards

These lovely choco Date fudge find their way to "WE SHOULD COCOA" started by Choclette and Chele. Do have a look at all the other exotic choco dishes that are being dished out .........

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