Pineapple coconut smoothie

 Here is a lovely bright coloured sunshine smoothie which is vegan, healthy, filling and can be had as a substitute for your regular breakfast. I am on paleo diet for a few days now and these smoothies are a perfect start for the day. Since we use fresh fruits and fresh coconut milk, it is very refreshing. Try this out and you will love this delicious smoothie. If you are unable to make fresh coconut milk, you can use the tinned milk which is easily available.
Pineapple Pieces
2 cups
Ripe banana
Fresh coconut
1 cup
2 cups

Add I cup of water to 1 cup of fresh coconut and grind it. Strain and keep aside the milk.
Now add the coconut back and add more water. Grind again to get the second extract
Add pineapple pieces and banana to the blender jar.
Grind it well.
Now add both coconut extracts to it and run the blender again till everything comes together. Strain this to remove the fibrous residue

Transfer it the glasses and serve cold


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