Peach Jam

I love if my breakfast is bread butter and jam, but at home not all are great fans of any jam. Vibha does not like anything sweet except of course chocolates, So when I prepare these jams , my son always relishes this , and particularly if it is accompanied by fresh home baked bread and of course I would love to have it.  And this season, I made sure that I stock up with these seasonal fruits. I do not like the taste of the jam commercially available as it gives some artificial aftertaste and the one that is prepared at home without the addition of pectin is heavenly and the preparation is so easy too. Thank you Namita for this wonderful recipe
Ripe Peaches
1 cup
3/4 cup

Remove the skin and the seed from the peaches
Mash the pulp well.
Add sugar to this and mis well. Let it rest for 4 hours
Now heat the fruit plup in a thick bottomed pan in medium flame.
Add lemon juice and mix well
Continue to cook till the volume becomes half and the pulp thickens
Switch off the fire, once the consistency is reached. To check this drop the jam from a ladle. If it falls in lumps , the consistency is correct. Should not be runny
Let it cool completely
Then transfer this to a sterilised bottle and keep it refrigerated.
Hope you all liked this fruit recipe too

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