Java Plum Lemonade

 Today marks the beginning of another mega marathon. We were given an option to choose either 4 categories or themes or just 1 category and cook and blog 26 recipes under that theme. I know it sounds crazy but we are always up to new challenges and this time is no different. After a lot of thinking and repeated changes in the menu, I finally decided that I would blog recipes where the star ingredient will be a FRUIT. Now, don’t decide that it will be 26 juices or milkshakes. It will be a good combination of many recipes. So come back tomorrow to check what I have in store for you
Java plum is known as nagapazham in Tamizh. I remember buying them from a fruit vendor outside my school, few of the ripe ones in a crunched paper with salt sprinkled on it. It would be so yummy after those boring classes in school, and when we had finished eating the fruit, the next thing I remember is to check whose tongue has turned more pink J. Ah, I miss those days. Never bothered if those fruits were washed or was it healthy. All that mattered was my tongue turning pink. And when I saw Priya blog about this lemonade, I knew I would try it and it was delicious. So here is the simple recipe for beautifully coloured lemonade

Preparation time : 10 minutes
Ripe Java Plum
1/2” piece
1 cup
a pinch
Club soda
As required

Wash the fruits. Remove the seeds and discard it
To a mixer jar add the fruit pulp, ginger, sugar, salt and water and grind well. Strain it through a strainer and discard the residue
Now add lemon juice to it and mix well
Transfer it to serving glasses

Add the necessary soda and top it with ice cubes

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