No bake Nutella Cheesecake

 My son was here for a short holiday and one evening I decided to make him a dessert with Nutella. Both my children love Nutella and this was a quick fix dessert with no baking involved and I always store some whipping cream in my freezer. He loved this dessert and am now waiting for my daughter to visit me and she can taste some Nutella cheese cake too. Hmmm…..As I write this post, it brings back memories of the precious time that we spent with them. They grow up so fast and before you realise they fly away to explore the world……..Now it’s the waiting time and the time to try out new recipes and be ready with those special recipes your kids like and treat them when they are back
Recipe Source:My Baking Additction
Oreo Cookies
3 tbsp
Cream cheese
8 ounce
3/4 cup
Vanilla Extract
1 tsp
Whipping cream
8 ounce
Chocolates and cherries
For topping
Crush the oreo cookies completely into a homogenous coarse powder
In a bowl stir together the crush cookies and the melted butter.Mix well
Now evenly divide them into the base of the individual serving glasses
Whip the whipping cream with an electric beater till it has the peak consistency
In a large bowl whip together the cream cheese and and Nutella till smooth
Now fold in the whipped frosting into the Nutella mixture well
Pipe it on the oreo base of each glass.
Now pipe some whipped cream frosting on top of it
Decorate with a chocolate of your choice.
I used the Lindt squares which my son had brought, You can use chocolate curls too.
Refrigerate till you serve
My kids love this. Hope you all like it too

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