Peach Lassi

 Now I am a frequent visitor to the fruit market. The peaches, strawberries, cherries, Mangoes and the other seasonal fruits are so inviting that I buy them more than necessary and then search for all the recipes available to use them. These delicious peaches were sitting in the refrigerator and I had to use them as early as possible, else it would end up in the bin, but I was confused as to which dessert I had to prepare. While I was contemplating, My son brought in these lovely wooden boards which we had ordered from Berachah chizels and I knew how to use both the peaches and the boards. I love these boards and I must mention that they are prompt in replying to your queries and executing the order too. They cater to customised orders as well. Check out their facebook page to get more details. Since Amrita had challenged me to use peach and milk together for sshhh cooking secretly challenge, I tried out this delicious drink and it was awesome.Check out Amrita's space for other delicious recipes
Ripe peaches
2 cups
Chilled milk
1 cup
 To taste

Peel the skin of the peaches and remove the seed. Chop it finely.
Add yogurt, milk, peaches and sugar to the blender and blender till smoot
Pour in the serving glasses and serve

Thank you Amrita for the ingredientsJ

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