Papaya Almond Smoothie

 It is scorching summer here in Chennai and there seems to be respite from the heat . The least anyone can do is to keep ourselves hydrated and when possible have some healthy cool smoothies. Smoothies are yumm and filling too. This was the theme of Shhhh cooking secret challenge and Rafeeda is my partner who blogs at Big sweet tooth  . Head over to her blog to see the awesome recipes and drool at the pictures too. She challenged me to make a smoothie with ingredients papaya and almonds and I must say this was one of the best smoothies I have ever had. Thank you Rafeedha J
4 cups
2 cups
3 tbsp
Vanilla Ice Cream
1 scoop

Soak almonds in enough water over night. Remove the skin and grind it with minimum water into smooth paste
Remove the skin and seeds from the papaya. Chop into pieces and transfer it to a blender jar.
Add milk, banana, ice cream, sugar and badam paste to the blender
Blend everything well

Transfer this to the serving glasses, top it with slivered badam and serve!!

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