Mango Muskmelon Milkshake

Chennai is getting hotter day by day. I am sure we haven’t seen this kind of temperature soaring until now. Well!, We are to be blamed. With the rate at which the city is getting populated with the concrete jungle, this is bound to happen. Atleast now we should resolve to take steps to plant new tress, so that our future generation does not suffer due to our insensitivity.
But here is a short term resolution to feel better in this hot summer. Drink loads of liquids and keep yourself hydrated and ofcourse make some smoothies, Icecreams ans milk shakes for the little ones who will love and enjoy these summer coolers
Ripe Mango
Cold milk
Vanilla icecream
1 scoop

Remove the skin and seeds of the melon and mango. Take out the pulp.
Transfer the pulp and all other ingredients to the blender jar. Blend till smooth

Serve immediately

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