Mango Mint Milkshake

 Here is another summer cooler to tantalise your taste buds. Priya’s Menu challenged me to use Mango, Condensed milk and mint as the theme for Shhh cooking secretly challenge and I thought this was the best way to make use of all the three ingredients. Though I was a little sceptical to use mint in the milk shake , I was happy with the flavour and the taste of this cooler. It was indeed very delicious
Ripe Mango
 1 big
Frozen banana
1/2 cup
Mint leaves
1/4 cup
Condensed milk
3 tbsp
Cold Milk
1 cup
Vanilla icecream
1 scoop
As necessary(optional)

Scoop out the mango pulp and transfer it to the blender
Take out the leaves from the stalk of mint, wash it well and put this in the blender
Add all other ingredients to the blender and run it till smooth

Pour it into the serving glass and relish the drink

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