Upma Kozhukattai

 Upma kozhukkatai is actually arsi upma in Kozhukkatai form.The preparation is very similar to arsi upma but here more water is used to cook the upma and when it is ¾ done, it is made into oblong shape and steamed. This is maily had as a evening tiffin in many tambram houses.
1 cup
Tuvar dal
1/4 cup
Red chillies
3 cups
2 tsp
1/2 tsp
1/4 tsp
Freshly grated coconut
3 tbsp
to taste

Run the rice, tuvar dhal and red chillies in a dry mixer till the it comes to a rava consistency 
Heat a pan with oil.
Once the oil is sufficiently hot, add the mustard seeds.When it splutters, add  asafoetida and add the necessary amount of water. Let it boil on medium flame.
Now add the coconut and salt. Mix well and continue to boil
Now add the ground rice dal rava, mix well and cook on a low flame till most of the water is absorbed. Do not let it dry completely. Because when it cools down, it tends to become a little drier and if it has completely dried, it might not be able to hold the shape.
Switch off the fire and let it cool
Now take small poetion and shape it ontp oblong shape but holding it between the four fingers and palm.
Make all the balls like this
Heat water in a idli cooker, grease the plates and place the  prepared  kozhukkatais in it. Now place the idli stand with the kozhukattai in the idli cooker,
Close it with the lid and cook on high flame for 7-8 minutes
Switch off the fire
Let it cool down a little

Serve with Milagai Podi

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