Legiyam-Diwali Marundhu

 Legiyam is generally prepared for Diwali. It has medicinal properties. As we prepare and consume sweets and deep fried snacks on Diwali, This legiyam is advised to be taken so that it helps in digestion. Some people do not like the taste of the preparation but nevertheless take it as a medicine.Legiyam powder is available in shops which sell herbas and herbal medicines. They are known as Naatu Marundhu Kadai
Legiyam Powder
3/4 cup
 Enough to immerse the powder and jiggery
1 tbsp
Gingelly oil
3 tbsp
5 tbsp

Grate the Jaggery
Soak the jaggery and Legiyam powder in just enough water to immerse it. Keep it aside overnight
Next morning, Transfer this to a pan and cook in low flame. After 20 minutes, we see that it starts to thicken
Now add honey and alternatively add ghee and gingelly oil stirring continuously.
When everything comes together, and it has a jam like consistency, switch off the fire. Let it cool completely.
Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator which stays good for over 6 months

It is advisable to consume ½ tsp of Legiyam every morning in empty stomach.

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