Vegetable and Baked bean Quesadilla

For the third week of blogging Marathon, the theme is recipes with Tortilla base and the first one in this series is the ever favourite Vegetable Baked bean Quesadilla. A very y delicious filling dish that everyone at home says yes when offered. Of course, the quesadilla’s for the elders are low on cheeseJ
Baked beans
1/2 cup
Green Bell pepper
1 small
Mozzarella cheese
As required
 To taste
Chilli Flakes
For sautéing
Olive oil
As required to drizzle

Grind coarsely the baked beans and keep aside
Chop all the vegetables finely and keep aside
Heat oil in a pan and saute the onion, when it becomes transparent add the other vegetables and saute lightly
Now add the chilli flakes and the required amount of salt and mix well
Cook for a minute and switch off the fire
Let it cool
Now Heat a girdle in low fire
Place a Tortilla on the work surface, spread 1 tbsp of the bean mixture only on one half of the tortilla
Top it with 2 tbsp of the vegetable mixture and a generous helping of cheese
Flip the other part of the tortilla on this like a fold over
Now sprinkle olive oil on one side and place that side on a hot griddle. Let it brown a little. Keep pressing it with a ladle
Now flip over and let the other side brown as well
Now the cheese would have melted and you have delicious Quesadillas ready
Serve it with some Tomato salsa
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