A calzone is a folded pizza stuffed with onions, pepper, tomato and the other toppings which are generally used in a pizza.For the day 2  of the international cuisine it is this delicious calzone.
All purpose flour        2 cups
Active dry yeast         1 1/2 tsp
Sugar                         1/2 tsp
Salt                             1tsp
Oregano                      1tsp
Water                         1/2 cup
Olive oil                       1tbsp
Onion                         2
Bell pepper                 1
Chilli flakes                 2tsp
Oregano                     1tsp
Salt                              to taste
Cheese                        2tbsp
oil                               1tbsp
Mix the yeast ans sugar to the luke warm water and keep it aside to prove for 10 minutes
Mix the salt to the flour, make a well in the center and add the yeast mixture to this, mix well . Add more water if necessary. Knead it into a pliable dough, coat it with the olive oil and keep it covered in a warm place for it to double for  1 hr
Now cut the onions and bell pepper finely
Heat Oil in a pan and when sufficiently hot add the onions and saute till it becomes transparent. Now add the bell pepper, salt, chilli flakes and continue to saute for anther 5 minutes in medium flame. Let it cool
Add the grated cheese and mix well. Keep it aside.
Take the doubled dough, punch down the air, make 3 balls from this
Roll each ball into a circle 1/4' in thickness. Keep a spoonful of filling in one half of the circle
Wet the edge of the dough circle with very little water
now fold over the other half of the circle over the filled part. Should look like a semi circle
Since the edges have a little water , it will stick well.
Now take a fork and press all along the edges.
Make all the calzone in a similar way
Cover it and let it rise again for 15 minutes
Now preheat the oven to 190C
Brush these calzones with milk and bake of 20-25 minutes or till it starts to become brown
Serve warm with Homemade Marinara sauce
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