Pressure Cooker Pal Payasam

Gone are the days when most of the cooking was in open pot. Times are changing. Now we try to minimize the time spent on cooking and the fuel being used too. Here is a traditional dish  cooked in the most unconventional way
Recipe Source: Swapna's cuisine
Basmati rice           3/4 cup
Sugar                      2 cups
Milk                        1 1/2 lt
Saffron few strands
In a big pressure cooker, add the washed rice, milk, sugar and saffron strands . Mix well
Switch on the fire, put the lid on and when the steam starts to come out, put the weight on it.
Cook upto 3 whistles, lower the fire to minimum and cook for further 5 minutes
Switch off the fire and when the pressure has been released, open the cooker, mix well and serve!!!
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