Kobbari Tovve

 When I saw this on Suma's blog, it brought back memories. I remember my neighbour would cook this and it was so delicious tat i would refuse to eat lunch at home:-)That craze of tovve even led my mom to learn the dish from her:-)And after many years I decided to cook this and see if my family like dit. As expected my daughter loved it.Kobbari in kannada is coocnut and Tovve is a gravy with or without vegetables and uses tuvar dal as the base.Has both the slight sweetish taste due to little jaggery used and little hot and tangy with the chillies and tamarind .
Recipe source:Cakes and More
Tuvar dal              1/2 cup
Tomato                 2
Green chillies        4-5
Coconut                 3/4 cup
Tamarind pulp       3 tbsp
Jaggery                   2tsp
Roasted coriander powder  1tsp
Roasted cumin powder        1tsp
Roasted fenugreeek powder   1/8 tsp
Oil                                            2tsp
Salt                                           to taste
Oil                                          2tsp
Mustard                                  1tsp
Asfoetida                               1/4 tsp
Curry leaves                           few
Cook the dal in pressure cooker with enough water till it is well cooked. I cooked it upto to 3 whistles
Heat oil in a pan, and saute the tomato till it becomes mushy
Now add the turmeric powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, methi powder and mix well and saute for few seconds
Now add the cooked dal, mix well and cook
Add the jaggery powder, tamarind paste, coconut,chilli paste and continue to cook adding just enough water to get the required consistency andcook for few more minutes
Temper the mustard, asafoetida, curry leaves in hot oil and pour it on the prepared tovve
Serve hot with rice and palya!!
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