Tomato Dosai

Today I am writing my 500th blog post . Never imagined that I could blog and cook so many dishes. My heartfelt thanks to all my readers who have been encouraging and supporting. My sincere thanks goes to my BM family who has been instrumental in me being so active in blog world. I always had wished that my 500th post should be a BM post and here it is for BM#34 week 2. I decided with the theme of instant dosai's. These recipes come very handy when you do not have fermented dosai maavu and crave for a soft dosai or to serve guests when they are at your home unannounced.This is a very soft dosai with the lovely flavour and taste of tomatoes.

Yields                  12 dosai's
Rice flour                             1cup(Store bought)
Rava (Semolina)                  1/4 cup
Thick Tomato puree             2 cups(I used 4 big tomatoes)
Water                                     1cup
Pepper powder                      1/2 tsp
Salt                                         3/4 tsp
Oil                                          2-3 tbsp

Mix the flour, rava, tomato puree, water, salt and pepper powder. Whisk well so that there are no lumps.
Heat a dosai tawa, and when it is sufficiently hot, reduce the heat,pour a ladle full of  in the center of the heated pan.Do not spread it.
You will see that small holes are immediately formed on the surface.
Now drizzle 1/2 tsp oil all around and over it.
Close with a lid and cook in mediu flame for 1 minute
Take out the lid, flip it over and cook for another minute and take it out
Make all the dosai's the same way
Serve hot with coconut chutney

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