Matar Paneer Samosa

Here is the next snack to take of of my daughter's after school cravings.Yes, is deep fried...some days I do give her deep fried snacks..after all there must be a balance in the types of food that I give her. She will not eat green peas as green peas. I need to camouflage it with other ingredients and flavours and this is a perfect way of doing it.

Adapted from here
Outer dough
Oil for deep frying
All purpose flour              3/4 cup
Oil                                      2tsp
Salt                                      1/4 tsp
Water                                   just enough to knead
Fresh green peas              1/2 cup
Paneer                               1/4 cup
Green chillies                    1-2
Coriander                          1tbsp
Ginger                               1/4" piece
Garam masala                    1tsp
Cumin seeds                      1/4 tsp
Salt                                      to taste

Mix the oil, salt with the all purpose flour till it resembles like coarse grains
Now add little water and knead it into a stiff dough. Add water tsp by tsp. Keep this kneaded dough covered for some time
Blanch the peas
Coarsely grind the peas with fresh coriander, chillies, ginger,paneer,garam masala and salt without any water and keep it aside
Pinch small balls from the dough and roll into thin chapathis.
Cut in the center into 2 to make semi circles
Now roll each semicircle into a cone, seal the ends with little water
Fill the cone with the stuffing and seal the opening too
Make all the samosas the same way
Keep sufficient oil in a deep frying pan
When it is sufficiently hot, fry the samosa's in batches of 2. Do not over crowd it.
Once it starts to brown on one side, flip over and let it fry on the other side too
When both the sides have fried well, take it out on an absorbent paper for the excess oil to drain
Serve hot with green chutney or tomato ketchup!!
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These are very crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside.
Perfect snack for the evening! 

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