Onion Rosemary Focaccia

Focaccia is an Italian flat bread , usually topped with onion, meat, herbs and olive oil. It is pronounce as fo'katt[a] according to wikipedia. God knows how many times I have ordered this in the restaurant pronouncing it as fokesia...lol...The bearer must have laughed too. Anyway coming back to this bread, it is similar to the pizza dough and is typically rolled and pressed by hand, and multiple dimple or wells are created on the surface and olive oil mixed with herbs are spread across filling these wells
Original recipe is here
All purpose flour         2 cups
Warm water                 1/2 cup
Active dry yeast           1tsp
Sugar                           1/4 tsp
Salt                              1tsp
Olive oil                       3tbsp
Olive oil                      2 tbsp
Onion                          1/2(sliced)
Rosemary                     1 tbsp(fresh and chopped finely)

Mix the sugar and yeast in the warm water. Let it rest for 10 minutes to prove and froth up
Meanwhile add the flour and salt in a food processor. Add olive oil and run it in slow speed again.
Now add the yeast mixture and run the processor for 1 minute. Stop and run again till all the dough comes together.It might be sticky at this point
Now transfer this to a wide mouthed bowl and knead for 2-3 minutes to get the soft pliable dough. Smear the bowl and the dough with olive oil. Cover it and let it rest for 1-1 1/2 hour for it to double in size
Take out the dough, punch down a little.
Transfer this to a greased square pan and spread it with your palm.
Cover it again and let it double in the pan itself for 25-30 minutes
Meanwhile prepare the topping by mixing the olive oil with cut onions and finely cut fresh rosemary
Preheat the oven to 220C
Once the dough has doubled again, make wells equidistant with the help of your thumb
Spread the herb oil mixture on the top. Apply all over the surface
Bake at 220C for 25-30 or until the top browns and when tapped sounds hollow
Serve warm with pesto/salsa/herb mixed with olive oil

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