Watermelon Gazpacho


Seasonal fruits are here and the search for new recipes begins. Having  made the watermelon juice so many times, wanted to make some not so sweet . When I told my daughter that I would be making the watermelon soup today, she was surprised ,She must have assumed that it was a hot soup:-)...Gazpacho is a  tomato based cold  vegetable soup originally served in spanish cuisine .This cold soup is a welcome change for this summer from the regular soups

Watermelon cubes    4 cups
Cucumber                1
Red bell pepper       1
Minced shallot         3 tbsp
Parsley                   1/4 cup(optional)
Mint                        2Tbsp
Olive oil                 2tbsp
Salt                       1/4 tsp
Pepper powder      1/2 tsp(optional)
Cut the watermelons, shallots, parsley,Mint, Bell pepper into very small cubes.
Mix all these with salt, pepper powder and Oil
Blend 3/4 of this mixture until smooth
Transfer to serving bowls
Top it with 2 tbsp of remaining fruit vegetables mixture
Serve cold
It is truly a very refreshing Cold soup
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