Orange Squash

Earlier I would buy the squashes available in the stores but then I realized that making at home is economical and tasty too. With the scorching heat here, I feel making crushes and squash of all the seasonal fruit is a must. Nobody wants to have a hot cup of coffee now, but everyone prefers nice cold home made juices and this is one tasty juice.
Orange Juice     1 1/2 cups
Suagr                 2 1/2 cup
Water                 1 cup
Citric acid          1tsp
KMS                 a pinch
Orange essence       1tsp
Select ripe juicy oranges
Extract the juice from it and strain it to remove any fibres left or the seeds
Mix suagr, water, citric acid in a vessel and heat it till it starts to boil
Cool down  to room temperature
Filter this sprup through a muslin cloth to remove any fine dirt
When the syrup has cooled completely, mix in the essence, juice and mix thoroughly
Disslove KMS in a tea spoon of warm water and add it to the juice
Mix thorougly and store it in air tight bottles and refrigerate
TO SERVE: Diute one part of the squash with three parts of cold water and serve!!
NOTE: IF you are not going to store this for long, KMS can be avoided

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