Manja Pongal

From today onwards, for 7 days, the theme for Blogging Marathon #27 is to blog about Tradition and recipes that are prepared by tradition.I wanted to start of with Manja Pongal. Manjal pongal is generally prepared for Sumangali Prarthanai.This is a ritual seeking the blessings of women who are no more . This ritual is done with utmost care. 7 sumangalis (Married Women)and a Kanya Ponnu(Young girl child) are invited.After the initial Nalangu, where the hostess, applies turmeric to the feet  of the invited women and the aarathi, they are asked to take head bath  and they wear the saree given by the hostess.Later on  the prepared feast is offered to the women.On this day, the women are to partake with the food first,  and then the hostess seeks the blessing from all the women and only after that do the rest of the family partake the food.Manjal is turmeric and is associated with  everything auspicious and sumangali prarthanai is performed whenever there is an auspicious occasion at home like a wedding or Poonal or thread ceremony and this manja pongal features there!!Now to the recipe

Raw rice   1 cup
Toor Dal   1/2 cup
Asafoetida  1/4tsp
Ghee         3-4tbsp
Salt          to taste
Wash rice and dal together
Cook it in pressure cooker in 4-4.5 cups of water upto 4 whistles. I would prefer it to become mushy. Switch off the fire and let it cool
Now Transfer this to a kadai, add salt ,asafoetida and ghee. Mix well. Let it cook in low flame for 5 minutes .
Manja pongal is reay to be served. Generally this is served with Kathrika Gothsu or Sambhar
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