Cole Slaw

 I like to have my daily dose of salad, but for my salads I would prefer to skip my lunch or dinner:-) This is one of those salads. I love the dressing, the flavour and everything about it
Cabbage(both red and green)         1 each(small)
Green apple                                      1(
Fresh cream                                    200 ml(I used amul)
Olive oil                                          4 tbsp
Sugar                                                2tsps
Salt                                                   1/2 tsp
Mustard powder                              1 tsp
Ground pepper                                  1 tsp
Lemon                                               1 small

Remove the thick stem part from the cabbage leaves and slice very thinly only the leafy part
Immediately put them into ice cold water
Mix the cream and oil thoroughly. Now add the mustard powder,pepper powder, salt, sugar and mix again till it forms a homogenous mixture
Now add the lime juice and mix well
Drain the water from the soaked cabbage
Transfer the cabbage into a serving bowl
Pour the dressing and mix well
Chill it in the refridgerator
Serve cold!!
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