Butter Bean Salad

 It is already summer in chennai:-( From now on it will be more hot in months to come and we will definitely need  to refresh ourselves with some fresh soups and salads. That is when Srivalli announced the themes for BM#26 and I signed up for this themes for week 1.
Butter beans or double beans is high in protein and protein in everyday diet is highly recommended and the salad is delicious too. So do try this out:-)
Fresh Butter Beans  1 cup
Onion                         1
Tomato                       1
Coriander                   1 tbsp
Lemon                        1/2 (optional)
Salt                            as per taste
Tomato sauce      1 tbsp
Olive oil              1 Tbsp
Pepper powder   1tsp

Cook the beans with enough water and 1tsp salt upto 3 whistles
Let it cool and then transfer the beans without the water to a bowl
Cut the onions and tomatoes finely and add this to the cooked beans
Mix the tomato sauce, olive oil, pepper powder and salt to this
Mix well.
Sprinkle the cut coriander , squeeze the lemon.
Mix well and enjoy your bowl of salad!

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