Ghevar With Rabdi

Ghevar is an awesome Rajasthani delicacy pepared during the Teej festival. It looks as great as it taste too!!When Manjula Bharat of Desi Fiesta challenged the South Team to make this as this month's South Versus North Team Challenge, and event started by Divya of You Too Can Cook, I wasn't very sure if i would participate in this challenge.The pictures of how it is done looked a little intimidating to me but then i had a reason to make this finally. Yesterday was my Mother -in -law's birthday. She turned 75 and i wanted to make something which i hadn't cooked earlier. Thus Ghevar became the sweet for her birthday!!

Maida  1 1/2 cups
Ghee    2 tbsp
Warm milk   1/4 cup
Water            as necessary to make a thin batter

Sugar      1 1/2 cup
Water      1 cup
Kesari Rabdi:
Milk      3 cups
Sweet condensed milk 1 cup
Cardamom powder  1/2 tsp
Saffron      1 tsp
Cream milk and ghee together
Add maida to this and mix well
Now add enough water to get a thin consistency to the batter
Heat enough oil in a small flat bottomed deep vessel:preferably cylindrical).
Once the oil is very hot, take the batter in a ladle and pour it from a height of 1 foot.Stretch your arms above the hot oil at a height of nearly a feet
Pour the batter slowly in the hotoil. The hot oil will start bubbling. Wait for a second and pour more if the vessel can hold.
Now the batter sizzles and settles place a skewer in the center to form a small hole
Let the ghear fry till golden brown
Remove it with the help of skewer and place in on a paper napkin to remove the excess oil
Boil water and sugar together to get a one string consistency. Switch off the flame and keep it aside
To make the rabdi, boil the milk till it reduces to half its quantity.
Now add saffron and cardamom powder and mix well and continue to boil for another 5 minutes in a very low flame

Place the Ghevar on the serving Plate. Spoon the sugar syrup on this Top it with rabdi and if you like add crushed nuts and serve immediately!!

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