Badam Payasam

Continuing with my Dessert posts for Blogging Marathon#24, here is one more of my family favourites Badam Payasam
Badam known for its medicinal properties is usually given to kids by soaking them in water overnight, and next morning is had on empty stomach. This dessert is a welcome change for my daughter from the usual monotony of eating the almonds in the morning. When served cold , it tastes very delicious
Milk  1 lt
Badam  15-20
Sugar   1/4 cup or according to taste
Saffron  few
Soak the badam in warm water for 2hrs
Boil the milk in low flame till it becomes half
Grind the badam into not so smooth paste
Mix this with the boiling milk, stirring continuously so that lumps dont form.
Cook for another 5 minutes
Then add sugar, mix well cook for 2 minutes and switch off the flame
cool and then serve this delicious dessert

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