Eggless Double chocolate cookies

Day 2 of Blogging marathon with the theme CHOCOLATE and I knew I wanted to bake  cookies for my chocoholic daughter!Cookies are very easy to make and bake I started to get the ingredients ready.
Everything was as the preparation mentioned in the recipe, until I realised that i had goofed by mixing:-(
My mother always tell me that, when we enter the kitchen, we need to be calm and relaxed so that the dishes are perfect and we dont mess anything. But  today was certainly not my day.When I started to get the dough ready,I was so engrossed thinking about a discussion I had with my best friend this morning, that I did not even realise that I added cocoa to the sugar butter mix before even creaming it.For a second I thought that the dough is heading to the bin, but mustered up courage to go ahead with mixing the rest of the ingredients to bake these very delicious cookies.
Moral: Cookies are very forgiving:-)!!!!!They baked very perfectly!!!

The original Recipe is HERE
All purpose flour     1 cup
Sugar(powdered)    1/2 cup
Cocoa                    2 tbsp
Butter                     10 tbsp
Baking Powder         1tsp
Choco chips              1/2 cup


Mix the all purpose flour, cocoa and baking powder well and keep it aside
Cream the softened butter and sugar well.
Now add the dry ingrdients to this to form a very soft dough
Mix in the chocochips and keep this dough in the refrigerator for 30 minutes
Preheat the oven to 150C
grease the cookie tray with butter
Make small balls out of this dough, flatten slightly and place one another far apart
Bake for 20 minutes
Let it cool in the same tray for another  minutes for it to become crisp
Serve to the chocoholics and watch them enjoy!!!!!

Sending these cookies to my friend albeit Virtually!!
Linking this to Kid's Delight- Chocolate hosted by Vaishali and started by Srivalli
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