Kanjeevaram Idli

For the second week af Avant Garde Cookies, we decided to whip up breakfast and I had to do this long pending Kanjeevaram idli. This recipe is from my aunt Lakshmi from Kanjeevaram:-).

Raw rice    1 cup
Par Boiled Rice  1 cup
Black gram dhal  1cup
Fenugreek seeds     2 tsp
Oil                      1/4 cup
Ghee                   1/4 cup
Fresh Curd           1/2 cup
Pepper                  1 tbsp
Cumin seeds          1tbsp
Asafoetida            1/4 tsp
Salt                      to taste

Soak both the rice, dhal and fenugreek seeds together for 3-4 hours in sufficient water.Drain and grind it very coarsely. Add salt and mix well. Let it ferment overnight.
Next morning, add the curd and mix well.
Heat both the oil and ghee to gether. Add coarsely ground pepper and cumin to this and let it fry well.
Transfer this ghee mixture to the idli batter and mix well
Now apply oil to a plate or the small leaf cups. Fill up to half te cup or plate and steam well. Takes nearly 40 inutes to steam well
I like to steam them in cups made out of leaves.
You can alternatively use the idli mould to steam too.
Serve with idli chilli powder!!
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