Avant Garde Cookies-An Epicurean Voyage

I am sure many of you by now would have read posts about Avant Garde cookies and our epicurean voyage.For the ones who haven't yet read about it..Here comes the vivaciuos group of extremely talented women and amazing bloggers who have embarked on a journey to dish out those dishes wwhich are sure to tikle your taste buds calling ourselves AVANT GARDE COOKIES which necessarily means innovation.
Let me introduce you to these lovely ladies with whom my epicurean voyage begins

Radhika::A great blogger and a lovely friend. I am awestruck with the number of recipes on her blog and the pictures she clicks.She has been instrumental in the formation of this group
Anusha:-I treat her more like my daughter:-).She is a lawyer by qualification and that is very evident in her play with words. I love her style of writing and she is the one who changed the look of my blog:-)

Jayanthi:I am so inspired with her bakes and cakes and am sure once you hop over to her blog, you are sure to drool

Kavitha:-  The youngest member of this group who manages both C.A and M.B.A. along with her love for  blogging.I wonder how she manages to do everything successfully

Priya Sreeram: The mastermind behind the name of this wonderful group and a very creative blogger .She has some amazing recipes on her space

Roshni:-  I came to know of this young lady whe I was paired with her for the Blog Hop Wednesday. and I was literally confused with the number of interesting recipes that she had and I had to choose just one :-) and I did choose the best...Microwave Palkoa and it has been my daughter's favourite ever since

Finally it's me:-)

Every week we will be posting each day with varying thmes, secret ingredients, different cuisines.......I am sure this has started interest in some of you.If you would love to be a part of this lovely group do write in to ticklingpalates@gmail.com with your name and blog url. Entries will be accepted only be on a first come, first serve basis, provided you agree to follow certain regulations of the group.

Stay tuned in for more action from this group