Mini Pizza

Time does fly...I t was just like yesterday that I signed up for Blogging Marathon#1, and now we are already into the eighteenth month !!!!For the first week of this Marathon , My theme is Kid's evening snack!!And my kiddo like these Mini Pizza's!!

Mini pizza base  2
Pizza sauce      1 tbsp
Onion           1
Green bell pepper 1
Corn kernels      1/4 cup
Mozarella          1tbsp

Cut the onion, and capsicum very finely very finely
Cook the corn and keep aside
Now take a base, apply the pizza sauce on it
Arrange the veggies and spread the cheese on it
Bake for 5 mins in a moderate oen
I microwaved it for 1 minute and a yummy pizza is ready for your kiddo
NOTE: I used home made pizza base. You can use store bought one too

Linking this to Blogging Marathon#18 and Kid's Delight-Evening snack hosted by Vardhini and started by Srivalli

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