Walnut Tartlets

Time flies!!!!We are already entering into the fifith edition of Gourmet Seven!!!!For this month we decided to bake pies/tarts/Galette from Smitten Kitchen and i chose to bake these cute Walnut Tartlets.

 All-purpose flour   3/4 cup
confectioner’s sugar  1/4 cup
 teaspoon salt             1/8 tsp
Butter(cold)               5 tbsp
Fresh cream    1/2 cup
Sugar              1/4 cup
Brown sugar    2 tbsp
Honey              2T bsp
Walnuts(chopped) 3/4 cup
Salt                    a pinch
I have followed exactly the way Smitten Kitchen has showed except that i have not used the egg in the tart shell.Hop over to Smitten Kitchen to see how to make these cute Tartlets!!!!!

 Have you checked out what the other Gourmet Seven are upto???????

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