Maddur Vada

Last month I had been to Bangalore and Mysore to meet my college buddies. The meet after 20 years is truly nostalgic. After the meet with my friends and their lovely families and the delicious lunch at their place , it was time to head bck to blore. Strangely none of us tallked much on our way back, probably we were all thinking about the meet, college and life. Anyway we did stop at Maddur to refresh and I tasted the famous Maddur vada and i definitely wanted to make this when home.
Thank you Giri, Siddu, Veeresh and Asha for going out of the way to make this meet happen and i am so gifted to have wonderful FRIENDS like you!!!!!
Moving on with the recipe. i bookmarked this from Gayatri.Thank you Gayatri!!
Rava        1/2 cup
Maida       1/4 cup
Hot oil       1 tbsp
Onion       1
Green chilli   2
Coriander     2-3 tbsp
Salt           to taste
Oil            for deep frying

Cut the onion finely. Add salt to this and keep it aside for 15 minutes. Then you see that the onion has shed some water
To this add maida, rava. cut green chillies, hot oil , cut coriander and mix well. If this resembles bread crumbs, then add very little water to make the dough. I just needed 2 tsp. Do not add more(it might turn sticky otherwise)
Make small even sized balls from this and flatten it inbetween your palms, keep aside
Heat oil in a Kadai and when it is sufficiently hot, deep fry the vada's in batches of three.
When it starts to brown, flip over and let it fry on the other side too
Remove it from the oil and let it rest on the absorbent paper to remove the excess oil
Serve hot!!!!
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