Vannilla Pannacotta with Mango Puree

With so many Mango Varieties flooding the market, I am at a loss to zero in on new mango recipes.Would love to try each one of the recipes that I have bookmarked and to start with I tried out This Pannacotta recipe with minor changes from Jagruti's Blog

  Mango pulp (Alphonso)  3/4 cup(I used 4)
Cream(Amul)                  1 cup
Sugar                             1/4 cup
Milk                               1 cup
Vannilla                           1 tsp
Agar Agar  powder          1tbsp


Scoop out the pulp from the mango and run it in a blender for a few seconds to get the smooth puree
Pour it equally into 4 serving glasses and freeze it for 3-4 hrs
Boil the milk and cream together. Lower the flame and add sugar and the agar agar powder to this. Mix very well and briskly or else it might forms lumps.Add vanilla, mix well and switch off the heat.
Let the mixture cool down and you see that the mixture starts thickening
Pour this evenly over the frozen mango puree
Let it cool and set in the refrigerator
Serve to your family's/guest's delight!!!!!!

Linking this wonderful dessert to Anusha's Summer Spirits

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