Tomato Bread

Ever since Radhika started the event "I Love Baking"...i have been wanting to bake some breads. I think i have taken a long break from baking after the Baking Marathon!!This event was a very good excuse for me to restart again.But the only hitch now was the summer heat...well! the yeast proves very well now but just that I feel i have lost out all the just seemed to have sapped out of me...But when I finally convinced myself to bake this bread, my daughter was too happy since this is a savoury bread and she loves savouries.Kneading the dough....baking it....hmmm...truly therapeutic:-)It gives you immense pleasure to see the well risen yeasted dough!!!This bread rose well and had a lovely texture and a lot of flavours.
 Recipe Source: Tomato Blues
 All purpose flour 3 cups
 Tomato Puree 1/3 cup
 Tomato Ketchup 3 tbsp
 Warm water 2/3 cup
 Yeast 2 1/4 tsp
 Sugar 1tbsp
 Salt 3/4 tsp
 Red Paprika 2-3 tsp(or less)
 Oregano 2tsp
 Mixed Herb Seasoning 2 tsp
Olive Oil 2 tbsp
 Butter to grease the bread mould
Mix the sugar in the warm water. Add yeast to this and let it prove for 10 mins in a warm place
 Meanwhile Mix the flour,salt,spices in a large mixing bowl.
 Make a well in the center and add the puree, ketchup and olive oil to this.
Add the frothed up yeast too and slowly combine everything to form a dough.
Transfer this dough to a floured board and start kneading it till it forms a soft pliable dough(knead for  nearly 5-6 minutes)
 Cover it and and keep it in a warm place for it to rise till it is double in volume(nearly 45 minutes)  After the first rise, knock it down and knead for another minute.
 Shape the dough into a loaf and place it in a greased loaf pan(9*5").
Cover it with a kitchen towel and let it rise again for 45 minutes
 Preheat the oven to 190C
 Brush the loaf with milk and bake for 20 minutes
After 20 minutes reduce the temperature to 160C and bake for further 10 minutes
Take it out of the oven,brush it with butter and place it on a wire rack to cool down
Once completely cooled slice and it and savour its awesome taste
 Thank you Anusha for this wonderful recipe
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