The Gourmet Seven -Our Foodie Adventure

I can clearly remember the days of my early food blogging when I would wonder if ever I could make friends with the other bloggers in this Virtual world, at times even I had wished that I could be a part of some group...well this was just a wish...Virtually...until a few days back when suddenly out of nowhere 7 like minded food bloggers started a conversation which lead to the birth of THE GOURMET SEVEN.Only then did it dawn to me that My wish has turned into a reality!!!!!With seven bloggers who can talk anything and food....decided to cook up dishes IN"THE GOURMET STYLE"
Each month we shall explore the possibility of cooking Exotic menu.In other words we shall push ourselves to step out of the comfort zone to cook,bake,whip,steam, grill .....all those dishes which We wouldn't otherwise,and in the process create a new approach of cooking the same dishes.
Be ready to come along our Foodie Trail to enjoy and savour all those exotic menu "The Gourmet Style"

Now to the GOURMET SEVEN....

Anusha – Tomato Blues

Kalyani – Sizzling Taste buds

Kaveri – Palakkad Chamayal

Radhika – Tickling Palates

Sangeetha – Spicy Treats

Vardhini – Zesty Palette

Veena – Veg Nation