Penne Arabiatta

Which kid does not love Penne/Pasta??????They is a huge ready to make pasta market ...thanks to the kids and their ever changing tastes:-)But home cooked food is always tastier than the ready to make ones...Don't you agree?......Anyway coming to this post..Penne Arabiatta is loved here by kids and elders too:-)..the tangy sauce, the yummy vegetables...yummmm makes a lovely lunch...Though my daughter cribs that it would be even more yummier when served hot!!!...Is she not asking for tooo much??????????????
Penne 1 cup(I used tri coloured)

Onion 1

Tomato 2

Capsicum Red/Green/Yellow 1 each

Marinara/Pasta sauce 3tbsp

Oregano 1 tsp

Chilli powder 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil 2 tsp


Boil enough water in a pan. Add 1tsp slat and 1/2 tsp oil to this. When water starts to boil ad the pene and let it cook for 15 or so in medium flame. To check if the pata is cooked take out one pasta and press it against a board or hard surface. It should just break and not become mushy.

Drain it and immediately put cold water on this. This stops the cooking process.Drain it and keep it aside.

Slice all the vegetables thinly.Chop the tomatoes finely(If possible remove the seeds)

Heat a pan with 2tsp oil. Saute the onions and when it becomes transparent add all the cut capsicum and cook for 2 minutes frequently turning it.

Now add the finely cut tomatoes and mix well. Add salt and chilli powder to this. Cook till it becomes mushy.

Now add 1/2 cup of water to this and let it cook.

Add the marinara/pasta sauce and mix well.

Now dunk in the cooked pasta and cook in a very low flame till everything comes together and the moisture is completely absorbed.

Sprinkle the oregano too this and if you do not mind adding some fat to this, add little cheese while it is still warm

My menu for today linked to Blogging Marathon #10 by Srivalli was

Penne Arabiatta
Fresh grated carrot
choco cookie
My daughter loves this. Do you????
till then Happy cooking:-)

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