Aloo Paneer Tikki

There are days when i really go on a mad cooking / baking spree.....but some days are really blue...Days when there is no motivation to cook regular food forget about something different. And when things like this happen, someone is bound to cheer you up saying that my cooking is nice, yummy......well well!!that is the tonic needed and yet again I start...And this person is none other than my Nephew who loves good food an enjoys it.I am sure he would love to have this with a cup of hot coffee:-)
Sooraj This post is for you....I only wish you were here to taste this and pep me up....Come soon:-)
I am not blogging about the ingredients or the preparation as it is the same as aloo tikki but with the addition of 1/2 cup of paneer to it.
Check out the Aloo tikki here
Method of making Paneer is here
Linking this guilt free snack to Srivalli's Blogging marathon

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