Orange Spritzer

Time for Radhika's Blog hop
!!!!This week i had to hop to Jyoti's blog -PAGES.Though i had planned to try out others recipes from her blog , i decided to make this simple no cook recipe as i am barred from entering into my kitchen:-(. Now, now.......don't start imagining anything:-)...I Injured my right palm rather the palm is burnt:-(So no cooking for another week or so............But did not want to miss this hop as with my daughter preparing this and photographing it, my post is ready.....Thank you Vibha!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Orange juice from 3 oranges

cold Soda 200 ml

Sugar 4 tsp

Ice cubes few


Squeeze juice from the oranges and strain it.

Add the necessary sugar and stir it.

Now pour this into the serving glass upto 1/3 of it.

Fill it up with the soda to give it the necessary fizz!!!!!

Top it with ice cubes and serve

This is one refreshing drink!!!

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