Boondhi Laddu

Last post for BM#5 and i chose my daughter's favourite.You can see a lot of variations of the same recipe in the blog world.This is what i have been successfully using in my home.


Gram flour 2 cups

Sugar 3 cups

Water 1cup

Rice flour 2 tbsp

Cardamom powder 1 tsp

Soda a pinch

Kesar colour a pinch(optional)

Raisins few

Cashew few

Oil for deep frying


Mix gram flour, rice flour, soda well in a wide mouthed vessel. Add enough water and make a thick batter. Keep it aside

Take sugar and water in a heavy bottomed vessel. Boil the sugar solution till one thread consistency. Add colour at this stage. Mix the cardamom powder to this.

Heat oil in a kadai. Take a ladle full of batter in the Boondhi ladle and rub vigourously. You see that the batter forms droplets. Fry them for a minute and take them out of the hot oil with a perforated ladle. Immediately transfer them to the prepared hot sugar syrup.

Like wise use all the batter and put the fried boondhi into the sugar syrup.

At this stage there will be a lot of liquid left in the boondhi-syrup mixture. Keep turn it once in five nibutes till it cool downs. Then allow it to rest for 4 hours.

After 4 hours you can see that all the moisture is absorbed and the boondhi is ready to be mae into laddus. Take a handful of the mixture and roll them into laddus. If you are using cashew or raisins you can add it before making it into laddus

Yummy laddus ready

Thank you Srivalli. It was great to run this marathon!!!!!!!!!
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