Pori Uthappam /Puffed rice Oothapam

Of the many varieties of Dosai and oothapam my people like this particular uthappam. It is very soft, quite fluffed up at the center, little crispy on the outside. Quite easy to prepare and taste very good. Instead of the traditional black gram dhal , we have to use puffed rice here.


Raw rice 1 cup

Puffed rice 2 cup

Baking soda a pinch

Salt to taste


Soak the rice for 2- 3 hours

Soak the puffed rice separately for 1/2 hour

Grind the rice in the grinder with a little water to get coarse consistency and at this stage add the puffed rice and grind further till the batter is very smooth adding more water if necessary.

To check the consistency of the batter- Little thinner than idli batter but thicker than dosai batter

Let it ferment for 7-8 hours

Just before making the uthappam add the baking soda

Heat a frying pan in moderate heat.

Add a tsp of oil , then pour a laddle of batter, drizzle oil around it.

Cook for 2-3 minutes keeping the pan covered. Should be cooked only on one side.

The center gets puffed up very well and the uthappam turns a little pale.

Time to take it out and serve hot with chutney of your choice

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