Cinnamon Rolls


Continuing with my baking spree i went through my bookmarked recipes again. This time it was Cinnamon rolls from USmasala. The clicks on the page were irresistible and the very thought of a cinnamon flavor was a YES YES from all of us.

The original recipe is here


All purpose flour 3 1/4 cup

sugar 4 Tbsp

Butter 4tbsp ( room temperature)

Milk 1 1/4 cup( warm)

Active dry Yeast 3/4 Tbsp

Salt 3/4 tsp


Sugar 6 tbsp

cinnamon( powdered) 1 tbsp


Sugar 1 cup

Vanilla extract 1 tsp

Butter 1 tsp( room temperature)

Milk 4 tbsp


In a bowl whisk sugar and butter together till the sugar dissolves.
In another bowl add the warm milk and yeast together.

In a wide mouthed bowl sift the flour and salt together.

Add the butter sugar mixture along with the milk mixture to the flour.

Mix together everything and form a ball like this

Knead this dough on a slightly floured board for 5 to 10 minutes till the dough becomes smooth and does not stick to your hand

Apply a little oil to the bowl and to the dough too. Keep it covered with a wet kitchen towel and let it rise for 45 minuted to 1 hour till it doubles in size.

Gently deflate the dough and roll it into a rectangle approximately 1/4 " thickness

Spread the cinnamon sugar mixture on this

Roll it into a log .

Cut into approximately 1" slices.

Place this slices on a greased pan/tin slightly apart and cover it with a kitchen towel. Let it rise for another 45 minutes.

Preheat the oven at 180 C. Bake these rolls for 18 to 20 minutes or until golden brown

While the rolls are getting baked prepare the glaze.

Whisk all the ingredients under the GLAZE to a pourable consistency

When the rolls are still warm , pour the glaze over it.

Allow them to cool and store them in air tight container.

These yummy delicious rolls can be served either warm or cool.

My whole kitchen rather my house was filled with the cinnamon aroma:-). Would love to bake this again

Thank you aipi for sharing this wonderful recipe:-)

Sending this to Bookmarked Recipes- Every Tuesday started by Priya and jointly hosted by aipi

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