Creamy Almond Vermicelli Kheer

When i read about the event Ayeesha was hosting at her blog" TASTE OF PEARLCITY" i wanted to send in an entry and immediately decided on Kheer because this was meant for Ramadan and i felt festivity would always be incomplete without a traditional sweet dish.

Like most of us i cook Vermicelli kheer on almost all festivals. It tastes good but i was sort of bored with the same taste .So i decided to give it a little flavour and a creamy texture and i added almond to the kheer and a cooked a very tasty creamy almond vermicelli kheer:-)


Milk 1 LT

Vermicelli 1/4 cup

Almond 1/4 cup

Saffron few strands

Sugar 1 cup

Raisins few

Ghee 1 tbsp


Soak the almonds in luke warm water for an hour and remove the skin

In a pan add the ghee and saute the raisins in it,take it ot in a plate and reserve this for garnishing

In the same ghee add the vermicelli and roast it till it turns golden brown

Now pour the milk on to this and let it boil for 10 minutes or till the milk reduces to half the measure

Grind the almonds and add this to the milk mixture and boil for another 5 minutes

Put a few strands of saffron on it directly
Now add the sugar and simmer it on slow heat for another 5 minutes

Garnish with the raisins

Creamy almond vermicelli kheer is ready to be served

Sending this to Ayeesha's IFTAR MOMENTS- HIJRI- 1431- EVENT

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