I constantly try to cook with chocolate, guess the reason.........well well, i have a chocolate loving teenager at home.My daughter is a chocoholic like many kids. She is happy to eat probably all sweet with a chocolate flavor . When she returned from school on friday, the first sentence she uttered was " MOM CAN I HAVE A CHOCOLATE"?Well my answer was" NO...... BUT.. YES...She wondered at the ambiguity of the answer.

well there was'nt any chocolate in the fridge so i decided to quickly cook a choco dish to satiate her cravings:-)I decided to cook CHOCOLATE PEDA
I adapted this from a recipe from Tarla dalal cookbook

1. Condensed milk 1 tin

2. Butter 1 cup

3. Maida 2 tbsp

4.Choco powder 2/3 cups

5.mixed grated nuts 1 cup

In a deep pan add all the ingredients together and mix well so that there are no lumps.
cook on medium fire till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. Since i used a non stick pan, the mixture never really stuck to the sides and i took it off the fire when all the mixture came together into a ball( the whole mass sticks into a ball to the spatula).
cool at room temperature
take small balls and shape into pedas

I am sure all chocoholics would love to eat this peda.

My teenagers verdict: "IT JUST MELTS IN THE MOUTH.....YUMMMMMMM"
Do try this out, very easy and fast to dish it out
Until then happy cooking:-)

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